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Shop, print, make,listen, hang. Velvet furniture and dope tunes.

bohēm  |bōˈhēm| a brand that has informal and unconventional means of production. Modern, minimal bohemian sophisticate. Dippy fashion.

bohēm is a full knitwear collection focusing on timeless silhouettes and a bohemian aesthetic with a modern twist. The concept behind bohēm is that we (friends and family) operate non-traditionally and are inspired by the bohemians of 1850’s Paris. The dandys & muses, poets & creators who  dressed and mingled with the Aristocracy while maintaining their own world & unconventional ways of living. bohēm reflects this concept by producing small runs and one of a kind pieces that are funky yet functional. We focus on everyday essentials for the everyday woman as well as original one of a kind pieces-from the classic white tee and the hippie chic mermaid skirt, to a modern crop top with vintage lace, boho chic is easy and unique…like you!